In the Line Of Equilibrium

” In the citadel of planetary sins
you wore the plethora of virtues
clutched between Venus and Mars
You were popular symmetry yet assymetrical

Poised as you stood in the moonbeam way
governed by the exodus of begininng
hypnotized by the quarreling stars
Raging quietly as thunder in a box.

You said ‘No’
‘No’ to all the perfections in the front
all designs to be flawlessly thrown
in the examination they failed for thy sovereignty
mad were they to be coy and shallow in their explicit contamination

So, So, So – what is your evaluation?
Hence, I travelled to the song of the sun
moon-ray watched as voyeur in the castle of night
his seductions welcome as day blinked her eyes confused

Yet you would not say in the least positions
You made way to heavenly ordainance
Silk-cotton etcetera was your wear
You said ‘Beloved do not fear for earth is but the standard rotation…'” 


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