Diadem Of Cruelties (the distorted folklore)

” And there the witches glare
their eyes of hardened watery sin
There the witches sew
bodies of hair and bone
There were witches, only one was ‘she’
The ‘he’s were all quiet
The ‘he’s decided to claim the ‘she’
Then the ‘she’ gave another ‘she’
bone and hair
To become earth from air
The glasses in between…”


All is right in the world
the lights are out
All was right in this world
because the lights were out
All has to be right in the world
Because…the lights are…who switched them on?


And in the blood merrier than ever
A soul knows he and she are there alive


Blood in me
Sweet as lead
as an iron thread
making a glassy dress
touch the mould
as earth is, iron oath
dissolving in tears



Aphrodite was beautiful than ever because…well, she was heralded as beauty – spilling dark masses and lips too, and her dark earth skin made her regal. Unlike Eros, whose pallid complexion was overbearingly morbid. His hair were sun-like and so poisonously hot. Actually, he was aneroxic and far in need of nutrition.

That is why Aphrodite went to a witch, her name was Salmeen, or actually, she was paired with her brother, Lilith. Now Lilith did not like Eros because Lilith thought Eros had whispered into Aphrodite’s ear that he was not a great leader or good magician. Lilith was enraged so he told the demon Blasphemy to make Eros the most beautiful man in the present world. Salmeen, however, read that Lilith may try to do this, so she told the human Psyche to be Eros’s companion.

Psyche was an ordinary boy, born out of the demon Lust and the human Titan. He could be greedy and was prone to be under the mercy of Avarice and thus maidens did not marry him, so he declared:

” If maidens will not marry me I will remain a spinster!”

As Salmeen knew how in need of a friend Psyche was she told Eros that joys could be fun in the quiet moon. Eros impaled his new sunny looks with a house of men and women where all vices and virtues were welcome. He was happy because Psyche was with him but upset that all the maidens there decided to look at Psyche and not him.

So Eros went to Lilith and they devised a plan: Psyche must be caught with the mirror in which Aphrodite sees her face!

When Aphrodite went out Psyche was rushed into the room to look for her  mirror. Eros told Psyche that one look at Aphrodite’s meant the beauty of Eden could be seen. Curious, Psyche agreed though a bit unwilling seeing it could have bad repurcussions (is it not impolite the touch the thing of others without asking).

Psyche found the mirror but only saw another face there. Narcissi was the name of the face and he was in love with Aphrodite but Aphrodite had pushed him into a lake when they were children and didn’t know he could swim – so he became one with the lake. Aphrodite was upset and happy – upset to lose her companion but happy that he became a lake so she broke a piece of the lake – which had becomed iron and made it mirror with her blood.

Psyche said that Eros thought Eden could be seen in Aphrodite’s mirror. Narcissi laughed and declared:

” I am Eden!”

And before Psyche could do anything Narcissi grabbed him and burned him into the mirror. Psyche saw that Narcissi had come out and then he revealed his cruelty:

” I have been in the lake but I could not go to the ocean as Aphrodite went there but if I kill Aphrodite I might become Ocean and Eden both!”

” But isn’t she the one you love?!”

To this Psyche got a reply, ” I must own my earthy Aphrodite nor else how can I love her? And I will give myself under her ownership as well! Beautiful love means that one must stay and be together as one!”

Psyche was horrified: Did Eros know about Narcissi?

No, Eros did not know neither did Lilith – they had pondered that a small boy named Medusa ate anyone aside Aphrodite who looked into the mirror – but they were wrong!

Medusa the boy with skin as stone was also immersed into the lake as Narcissi but he did not want to be there as the lake was forgiving and he had vengence. He soon Psyche and told his story:

” Once upon a time I was a girl and the truth was that I was born a man but made into a woman by Apollo, the healing woman, she said a poison was stirred in me and by menstruation it would leave my body. I became a girl but soon was restored as a man but the King Nymph had seen this and wanted me to tell Apollo that if I could be allowed to change genders at will so I can be both girl and boy. I was excited to be both and girl but because of the severity of the magic my heart turned to stone and my eyes became blank. Apollo was at a loss of words but King Nymph said that in this woman-man prison of curse I will tell others of indifference and apathy so I will be his greatest weapon.
         Apollo was distraught as she realized that her magic was intervened by King Nymph so she put me in the Lake of Forgiveness so I could be a man again. But, my heart of stone makes my human self angry and agressive. I must find King Nymph.”

Psyche explained his situation, ” I must get rid of my avarice.”

” Why are you then greedy oh good Psyche?”

” I was born out of Lust and Titan and they forged me into a being who does not quell from vices or virtues – I must seek the bridge!”

 ” Well I shall help you but who is this man Narcissi?” 

” Narcissi is a man who wants a new beauty – he wishes to forsake his own.” 

” And I have heard of Aphrodite, who is she?” 

” She is a wise woman and beautiful; she is a sorceress in training who helps Sorcerers in training and she is a good friend of the wise woman Salmeen.”

” Salmeen has a brother named Lilith I heard…”

” Yes, what about him Medusa?”

“” I had heard a story from Apollo that he hates Eros.”

” Really, but he has assisted him!”

” Only to assist his revenge good Psyche.”

” I must warn Eros!”

In the meantime Eros only waned and waxed over bodies and bodies. His sun was brighter, his skin glowed and his charm seduced yet he was not happy. He missed his beloved friend Psyche and was angered by his envy. Though his envy flared when maidens asked, “Where was Psyche?”

One day, to his house, came a young maiden, a beggar, named Hercules. She was tall and looked aesthetically made for sport. She told Eros that he shouldn’t sit around and just look for Psyche. Eros realized that Lilith had made him beautiful only for physical pleasures and not for honour. To cure himself of his spell he burned his eyes with wax and became his self again.

On her journey Aphrodite had met King Nymph who was quarreling with Ares, the child guardian of armory when his older sister Athena, the God-given champion of the game War stopped them. She told Ares that Narcissi will use the sacred sword Olympus to kill Aphrodite because then he can eat her and becomed the cursed Hermaphrodite named GenderBinary.

Aphrodite is shocked and approaches them with the Hermaphrodite Verus, the blessed Hermaphrodite comes along. Verus says that King Nymph must be put to sleep for some time so that the curse in Medus can be lifted and that to do this she must break the mirror of the Lake of Forgiveness and stab him. Aphrodite requests Ares and Athena to hold down King Nymph so she can get her mirror.

Inside the mirror Medusa and Psyche are met with the End Of Time. End Of Time has come only to see them, she must go away to her pilgrimage but she doesn’t know ‘Where’ God will send her. End Of Time final act is to help Eros come into their glass. She does this by reminding Eros of their friendship which makes him grow wings and embrace Psyche – Psyche then realizes Eros has gone blind so he grows wings and from his feathers cures Eros’s blindness.

Their feathers break the mirror and Aphrodite sees this. She calls on to them and Medusa rushes forward hearing King Nymph’s name.

Ares and Athena are battling King Nymph as he hates the idea of incarceration. In this fuss and fury appears Narcissi who has aluded all the others, with his glass he stabs King Nymph removing the curse inflicted on Medusa. He then explains calmly:

” I am made of the glass that was in the lake, now, I will use it to join myself with Aphrodite but first Olympus….”

Aphrodite feels her powers draining as Narcissi kissed her, hardly, ” It is time my dear to be one and only one.”

Lilith appears with Salmeen both have jars containing something: it is their hair and broken bones. They grew back the bones they had broken and now used the hair as ferrers and the bones as wrist-chains. Narcissi is distraught and then sees Psyche . He decides to have Narcissi swim back to the lake but Narcissi refuses. He breaks free only to be then stabbed by the sword Olympus. His corpse falls into the Lake and soon the water turns hot and cold: the water is no longer complete forgiveness – it has now vanity in it and a mutalation of all things sacred.

At this moment Verus appears and tells them he must also join the lake as his Hermaphrodism will corrupt GenderBinary. She meshes with the lake as well but it still looks too distorted. That is when Psyche, Eros, Medusa, Lilith, Ares, Athena, Aphrodite and Salmeen cut themselves and pour a bit of their blood into the lake. The lake suddenly rises up and becomes a ball but it was drying up! By itself it could not own many personas!

So, that is when they all decided it was time. Medusa said he will agree. Lilith apologizes to Eros and says he wants to be with Aphrodite. Eros is embittered and says that to become Aphrodite’s husband he must first repent so Lilith agrees to become bodyguard to the garden that Eros will grow apples. Hercules takes charge of Olympus and says she will create a twin sword called Excalibur. Athena and Ares decides to age with war.  Aphrodite will see if Lilith and she are partners but before that she will create the libary of sounds and words underneath the ocean from coral who she knows speak well as God ordained and will help her. Salmeen says she will become the Oracle of winds and flowers and help sustain peace. 

With this all beings gave up their blood. The whole heavens shook and shook and in the end the water became a ball and the whole landscape turned black:

The wings of Psyche, Medusa and Eros made a white ball accompanied by the Planet Earth. 


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