The Narrative Of The Lotus

“The Lotus sprang beneath the mouth;
its tail forgotten in the air
The Lotus screamed in tyranny
its beauty, its face smouldered by mud.
The Lotus attempts to break the hymen of repression
controlled by the frigidity of delay
The Lotus emerges in bathed-blood-birth:
Until its tears shine to create the day.

The Lotus
went walking
in silence
Moon allowed no one
to see
The Lotus
came forward
To talk of
The Lotus was rubbed
Into a sense of decay

And I the Lotus in the gallant night
Leaf upon the glorious twilight
Dawn and Dusk ever made
forged into one serenade
The Eve and Morn gossip with midday and Midnight
Conversed in tongues and tongues
forgotten in the ruptures –
waves of something in the brew

Lotus, Lotus
where are thou?
Upon the grass…
Why, what hath –
Oh! The Bruised
The Lotus cries
Then shouts
The Lotus
Oblivion of belief.”



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