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Books, books...

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I cannot state my life is interesting. I do not know if it possesses anything of any interest.

When I look at the Freshly Pressed Page of this site I do get amazed. Great lives are being led and MASHALLAH (A Prayer To God For Increase of Such Things, Promotion) I do get amazed at their diversity.

However, I do not live such a life in the same manner.

True, Thanks To Allah Almighty, I have a great life in the sense of  Great Parents, privelages, food, shelter and clothing.

Well, what more could you want? —– Someone might ask with a stare of question, bewilderment or even anger and irritation.

The issue is not directed towards that.

I noticed many people update their blogs frequently.

Whether it is a trip – a walk down memory lane or a new place – cooking recipes – to grand dishes to normal food – to sorting things out – fights, quarrels, long lists to do – or just lazing about –

People do update their blogs.

I, on the other hand, don’t do that much.

I guess because I think my life is a routine.

Its variances are quite small

At times I can relate to a book on a shelf…

…Waiting For Diversity to Read me…



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