“Don’t touch me. You’re unsanitary.” (via RAM (random access memory))

“Cleanliness is Godliness” ———– goes the old adage.

Well, maybe you won’t be a deity if you clean yourself (yeah sorry people with internal god complexes 😛 ^_^) But it is true that poor hygiene is a NO-NO

Do everyone and yourself by trying to keep clean. Bathe well, wash well and know that bathroom activities are specified in a bathroom for the reasons of containing those stuff IN THE BATHROOM So Yeah DON’T WALK OUT WITHOUT WASHING !!!!

"Don't touch me. You're unsanitary." Sometimes I question the effectiveness of washing my hands after I go to the bathroom. A lot of times there aren't paper towels so I'm forced to touch a variety of unsanitary things before I even get back to my desk at work. I still wash my hands, though, and I try to do the awkward open-the-door-with-the-bottom-of-your-palm thing. Other times I try to stick my whole hand through the handle and open the door with my wrist, but this makes me worry … Read More

via RAM (random access memory)


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