Say Hello


Iridescent Glory of Nearby Helix Nebula

Image via Wikipedia


Colder than what you expect
life runs on colder railways than ice
hoter than a sun reaching supernova
a star dying
in a tear’s single grain
a world dying
in a misdirected beat
the vacuum of apocalypse
turn on ten appendages
that can turn puppet out of things
that need no mechanical additions

life comes to you
opens up and
you screwed it with a shut-up
because you were given

life comes up to you
says peace and a hello
and you break the lips
to curse and tangle
jaws are so broken
tongue so swollen
then you claim you lost


and life comes up
you rape
and will never say sorry
instead you turn the bird inside the ribcage
to stone

yeah say hello
say hello

to the quiet death that you call living

say hello
say hello

I lived more than you

in a desert place with no phones
and a ragged dress
playing with the world
that was my own

I said hello to everything

so I can dance in a universe
of stars…


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