The 30 Taka Day

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Yesterday, (20/10/10) is now officially 30 Taka day ^_^ (at least for me this year)

(pssst: notice the absence of  30 in the date mentioned above – unless you add the month and the date hehe)

My computer crashed and so I had to go to a photocopy shop with my pen drive to get my assignment printed.

For six pages (5×6=30) they charged me 30 Taka.

I was like “Why?”

They told me that each page is 5.

Feeling cheated and feeling obviously not in the mood to argue (I decided to just find out later and I was getting late) I went off to the University.

My game plan was to ask  the good guy I knew in the University’s district/office/restaurant district of my University’s area of his prices and as I figured they were cheaper (probably it is the metropolitan area that’s why).

But I had to buy some photocopies from him too as they were the reading material for Sunday’s midterm.

That cost 30 Taka.

Then I wanted to buy a “Cello Pointec” pen which is really cool pen in the green ink.

That cost 30 Taka.

Well just  as my earlier post Telepathy-Trinity I think the 30 Taka was all over me Yesterday.

Well I must say MASHALLAH I must Thank Allah Almighty for such a cool extraordinary in my ordinary world. My friend called it synchronicity and I agreed ^_^


P.S >>>> I did have another set of that synchronicity that day as well ^_^



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