Your Words Are Tyranny

“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold you...

Image by Sanctuary photography → Away via Flickr

Your mouth is exactly an express
a dictionary to untold dimensions
you speak easy
you seduce
lyrically with the bounties of your vocabulary
you triumph

femme fatale-casanova sprung
bathed in oestrogen-testosterone fuel
clinging to that ecstatic rolls
of a pathway untrodden
forests of vast foliage-tongue
and stars that can imprint freckles upon your skin as
they plant so as freckles upon the dark-pale night
astronomy is your sex
and aliphatic is your vessel-bound projectile-womb to Eden

Your words are Tyranny
to those who trust the canon
you are de-canonized
and thus you survive
as you synthesize
with the world

You become the Gaiea-Atlas
Of the new soul
of the universe


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