Caught In Bubbles

The statue of Achilles in Lamia - Fthiotida - ...

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You are sprinkling dust
foaming up your deceit
you tame your wild cards
yet ruin the chess pieces
time then clockwise-anti-clockwise
twisting the grounds of reason
logic is your food
and Lamia is your bitch
with Cupid as your whore
you throw serpents from your bow
you dislodged  bastard of impious desires
and claimed innocent words

I am the master
I am the mistress
I won’t be obliterated
I am ghoul
I am ghost
I am poltergeist
I am pure
I am saintly sinning
as the human body imprinted veins
that root up existence

I have an umbrella for for your discordance
you think you own sex
you can’t monopolize
something that is universal doctrine
and love is Aphrodite of dimensions

you may prick my fingers”
you may want me to eat your apples
but this tree of ugly
does not cleanse me

my phantom is not lost…


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