Unmasking The Earth

Landscape near Palekastro (Crete, Greece)

Image via Wikipedia


You masquerader in performance
not slyness yet poise
wearing so many outfits
that even water could not wash entire
sea-beds are evidence of chance
that you decided to rest
your dancing begins again
as water-rain plays music

the artifice is your soleness
yet it is rumour-bound
you boast no eloquencies
you are too child-like to self-adore
and you wear bangles upon your belly
or limbs if you please
you give away them to your neighbours
for you have to explore

you may sometimes seem angry
yet what cloth does not fall off the shoulder
and yet fixing is needed
for all attires are borne

your appetites are friendly
yet all ravish you more
a plenitude is finite
you claim you are a mortal  observed
so all laws apply
death and life
you can open your mouth
to receive both
as occupants-guests
are adored

you are ageless-aged

in an eternal- mortal




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