First cars and trains across Sydney Harbour Br...

Image by State Library of New South Wales collection via Flickr


Your brothel and your bedfellows
partake it mirthly
your poisons sans venoms
know the lyrical tongue
ascribing it to cinders
burnt flesh of wood
begging for solace
you think you’re intelligence
gilded vengeance
into need
a perfect skin-cell growth
patched in corpses
are thy leathery suitor
your Cupid has shot an arrow
throw his eye
blinded by innocent-ignorance
and shot himself more
in the suicide
what was imminent?
in such beholder’s rust
what was immanent?
rocking you tenderly
was awfully impatient
your eye-hallucinogen
was perfectly ugly
bordered into a license to kill
bordered into a license of despair
I bleed you only
your blood is ripe
into a naive disease
a heart knows only one
instrument’s tug
and arrogance is friendly
if it kills intolerance

do it too
a tutelage spawns with acceptance


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