Nostalgia ♠ a progressive•retrogression| into life

The Awakening

Image by Martin Gommel via Flickr

Recently — I am befriended, assaulted, harassed, seduced and conversing with Nostalgia.

Why? I don’t know but while chatting with younger friends or even reminiscing about when I stumbled upon Harry Potter there it is


I think it’s because there is a different pace of life now or it’s because I lived life more in the realms of suspended animation. It’s seemed just yesterday when it was 2002 and I was living in the living-room because our house was being renovated and now it seems just turning a page and I am here. It all feels awfully wide and close at the same time.

Do I enjoy reminiscing? Well, as I mentioned, it is a mixed feeling.

I miss a lot of my youth but at the same time I’m happy to be walking ahead.

However, I still think that the concept of “growing up” is still a Peter Pan concept to me.

This was the truthful paradox Jean Barrie  illustrated.

Childhood may not spell innocence and adolescence may not be disaster, and adulthood compromise, however, I guess times gone before have a tendency to still attract us [I guess that explains history as a subject].

I do not know if I’m progressing but paradoxically progress is still tied with retrogression. I think there are facets of us that will never change and some that will change. It seems like the symmetry-chaos of life. Harmonious yet at the same time discordant.

Who knows what a future holds?

And Nostalgia is evidence that even our pasts are so much more than our looking-glass eyes saw…



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