I Hate Valentine’s Day ♠ Movie Review

Well, most of these romantic movies are considered “chick flicks” and only Allah Almighty knows why considering that many men like romantic movies despite the notion as women-only enterprise. I was considered a romantic by a teacher but I think it calculates to more Keatsian sorts because I don’t always enjoy “chick flicks” as some of them bore the hell out of me and are so clichéd that I prefer watching action oriented movies instead. With this movie I rather re-watch Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen than go through it again overall [watching it sparsely may be okay]. The initial parts of the movie seemed so promising — we have the same cast from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and eerily almost a same setup [can’t completely blame them there]. It was semi-nice at first but Genevieve (Nia Vardalos)   is so readable that I was bored instead of cheering on for her — the only likeable symptom was her vibrant smile etched on her face and her personality which was in conflict with her motto.

And her motto is “Just 5 dates with one guy then move on without emotional backage or sadness” [didn’t quote in verbatim] So, she isn’t really a player because she tells that to every guy and if the guy accepts she responds  and does nothing to upset them. Her sunny personality, a unique print to her philosophies, discard truly any bad will towards her except people who are monogamous may not really like her philosophies — but that is their perspectives. Then she meets the guy and he is the sweetheart from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who at first is really bothered by her dating thing but tries it out as he likes her. Though of course even these set rules cause them to have miscommunication leading both to withhold their feelings. To Genevieve why can’t everyday be Valentine’s day?  To Greg (John Corbett) a relationship has to be substantial. Truth is he acts a bit macho though he is supposed to be the more emotive one when he wants to call her even after the 5 dates he does not  — not only did that point ruin the film Genevieve’s hysterical “female PMS’ after the 5 dates are not good executionary forces for a romantic movie that did want to set itself apart a bit more by introducing a more assertive woman and a more mild-mannered guy who had a good code following in his head.

The actors’ dates are nice but in actuality the other parts were so dry and stereotypical with no true edge on character detail. One of the great things is Genevieve’s wardrobe, which has a repetition for realistic approaches, and includes her nice black-grey coat with pink edges/outlines though I don’t like pink mostly the effect on the coat was nice. The other is Genevieve being a florist with an awesome philosophy for flowers and Greg being a nicely executed restaurateur with good taste [his restaurant has a nice ambience due to the dedication he has for work]. Yet everything goes downhill with weird gender related issues which seem so unacceptable and mundane — it feels forced rather than authentic. Women are this: Men are this — but really just lame excuses and not truly important or normal in my opinion.

In fact, I was severely getting a headache watching this and felt it was a more labyrinthine version of Wuthering Heights being droned on. These people complicate simple matters and Greg is such a pain with Genevieve including Genevieve herself that instead of our support we might be spiteful against their immaturities — most of these feelings come later on in the film so initially they made a nice impact that was rid off in the middle. If you want more romantic uniqueness watch French Kiss, Lost in Translation and/or My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

If you wanna just pass time [like I did] watch this


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