Earth and Moon from Mars, imaged by Mars Globa...

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I am a human; tis an undulating mass of flesh
harmonizing salt and clay in my edification
bursting from an oval fruit — snapping out from a leathery tubing
I am undeniably mortal
undeniably sinful-prone
undeniably born pure
undeniably demons pestered
undeniably angel-poured

There is a glare between sun and moon
it’s both feroious and peaceful
there’s a valley between a star and satellite
it’s both nefarious and elegant
I am half of both dynasties
X and Y
Alpha and Omega
I am procreated bulk
from bombing supernova and yolking stars
my embryo was outgrown to limbs and smiles
but I am still a poached spectacle
of wombager on a fertile length of road

it was blessed that I take shape
it was solely for me

as a needle and thread talks to my destiny

the interview grafts me as the words…


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