Place To Be Mobile

deep in the forest, St.Ingbert, Germany, Steinkopf

Image via Wikipedia

Are we streets?
do we cry?
asphalt tears
stone memories
abide by
mortar and ash?
uniting in a innovation
uniting in wheeling forms
uniting under seperation

place your arm on my neck
place your guts on my vase
let’s decorate ourselves in macabre
let’s decorate ourselves more into clinical insanity

loneliness moves
noise stammers
and a voice lingers on
lingers into vessels of  blood
clotting in deepening hunger
are you lost?
am I lost?
finding out
needs a lifetime
yet curiously never burdensome
in it’s way of living

cut my fetters
cut my blinds
cut the strings
that lied to me
and never helped me unwind

a place to be mobile
is in in motion
if I don’t move
then the world shatters from movement
I am a wheel
I am an engine

despite my imperfections
I am still a perfectionist in my bones
to be is wondrous
to plan ahead lovely
with randomness by my ribs…


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