Ponderous balloons

Higher Than the Stars

Image via Wikipedia

Like air in your arteries
plasma in your vertebrae
we are setting course
we are halflings of curses and blessings
via a large macro-microscope
those thoughts that arches in your patronage
building up and exploding
or remarkably smitten to the ethersphere
hot-warm-icing on a cerebral banquet

flirting are meteoric dust
coquettish are novas in their folds
and so volatile in coldness
that pulsar is shaking
throbbing with a thought-balloon
vibrating in leaping crowds
waiting to be heard

the space is cut by wings
your hierarchy’s a tablet on some inner surface
designing magnets
designing hope
cauldron of memories
can they cope?

I’m sailing high
past storms and tranquillity

is the chaos me or harmony?

am I a mosaic of many dots

like some constellation of emotions and logic


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