Water Drop

Image by Isolino via Flickr

The wall is a nesting ground
for all innovations of violence
yet it is a comforting puzzle
for the Rubik cube  that is adversity
blessed is the one who knows violence
blessed is the one who knows intolerance
yet shapes not pieces as such
keeps much to oneself

the part was wielded by thorns
cut on an Angel’s feet
yet the Angel did not draw blood
as a means to offer serenity
as a means of aftermath

the strewn wires in the bones
the strewn canopies from ash
a blistered organ that travels
is the language receiving antagonism

maps are but guiding carriages
navigation is primary
secondary is the adaptation
that coils into a coccoon to have the heart travel

like lovers that are star crossed
and fresh and salt divided
is the clinically pathological and the fogs of insanity
birds can wrap clouds
and spiders fishing nets of air

the obstacle is oneself
who cannot prepare…


The thorns and Angel is Inspired by Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H.) who had an old lady throw thorns as such on his path when he walked. One day the thorns weren’t there so he wondered why not coming to know the lady was ill. He decided to go visit her and the old lady was so surprised at him coming to see her with concern for her health that she converted to Islam.


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