I had ♠ other queries

A pink Dahlia

Image via Wikipedia

was her nail bitten or spun? ▬ into a nice patch of white or colourless tubes?
was the question there? was the question here? am I in a question too?
leaking of the fragmentations that can be fragmentations
wholes in the holes as in the air ▬ granules are speechless
“what say you about her nails?”
“they are pink.”
” pink?”
” a nice healthy pink or creaminess-pink on a dusk that is her body…very nicely patterned.”
” but they are chewed.”
” chewed and tattered did not un-close pink ▬ they allowed me to see.”
” what of her clothes?”
” ok.”
” do you know the designers?”
” no.”

I am but the beak-less
falcon sans falcon
chicken without yolk
poached but not consumed
leather bag not on a eye-sale
seed in a mist
gestating in a fog
broken innuendoes
fragmentations on a whole

” why do you not speak of her clothes?”
” why?”
” you do not care?”
” I do care about the pouches in her eye scrambled by a poor oil pan.”
” she seems so betrayed by a loneliness ▬ walking around like a severed head ▬ bemoaning that artifice has been too usual.”
” who cares about that?! the condition of her nails!”
” does not interest me…”
” how can it? you are of the same stock.”
” I do not pouch darkness and see artifice regularly.”
” You are so stupid.”
” that person may have been hurt.”
” how can you be sure?”
” because of the darknesses and dizziness.”
” she’s a fat loser like you.”
” I do not know losers and winners but pretenders are easy.”
” pretenders?”
” Your eyes match that of a blooming rose ▬ sequinned by kajol so black that it is like laughter on a beautiful summer night yet there are greys there laughing too like a midsummer poison; venus flytrap in chorus.”
” you are such a bitch!”
” and nails can be plucked and still be there.”
” who gives a damn?!”
” I do.”
” so annoying!”
” like a nest broken she seems tearless yet teary ▬ her heart knows melancholia and a cancer unseen.”
” so stupid!”
” I have other queries?”
” what…?”
” what is her sustenance now? what makes her cling ▬ that spirit of bravery…”
” she looks like she has eaten a whale!”
” a wisp of look can betray a eye ▬ smoulder our childish senses.”
” so…?”
” I do have other queries.”


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