Some green and a brown egg standing on end wit...

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I cracked open an egg ▬
▬ it had soul inside
I tried to poach it in a frying pan
and it said don’t stain me no more

it’s not a egg
I did not know
it’s a soul wandering like a corpse bathing in life!
you know what you need?
can I repair the egg-shell?
would you go back to your dream?
it’s said “I don”t know, you don’t know ▬ can I stay here?”

I’m afraid
that it will egg me too
I’m afraid I’ll helpless so
to a dream
that may be fibrous unreality
dangerously fantastical
demeaning minutiae of a casual
candour and breathing

pontifically it states
I can’t remember a name
that means ▬
I say remember
where you lie!

it withholds to withhold frying
it withholds to withhold trying

I cannot excuse you
I don’t think you can ▬
▬  stay ▬
you seem too arduously daydreaming
but caring not of your actual wandering synthesis

I want to throw it
the crows can have it

it says ” I am comatose ▬ not ready to wake▬”
oh please, why not?!

the egg dissolves
the crack remains

somewhere I hear a sigh
of a mortal reaching dimension . ▬


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