Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula - GPN-20...

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is fostered by a requiem of the living
where we horde our original selves
because the self we sell is easier to bear♠bare
and its more comfortable to wear♠ware

and only few us can divine
that masks are but stationery♠stationary
and in the course of time all will wither♠whither
▬ we want our tissues to perform mime

the bloodless can read
the bloodless can be geniuses to the string
marketable as the everyday dream
the true self can duel♠dual
on the straightforward♠forward
all the necessities

wielding sin is easier than wielding the metaphor
you can poison♠poise in
the banquet of a plethora of comedy

yet the rose♠rose in the dullest of plains♠plains
can flourish in the brightest of radiance

narcissism can only offer a nail
yet the revolution♠revolution of the wheels of this cognomen
is basking in the ether♠ether

of being the real face♠face . ▬


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