You Follow Through

Sunset from Crack in Rock Plaza

Image by Al_HikesAZ via Flickr

my pencil wrapped
I feel I have to do
what is expected
though I’m ill -prepared
and feeling that
I might be called dumb soon
I don’t like this feeling
of following through

tsk tsk
tsk tsk

it’s like flesh and bone
and blood soaking through
through the veins and arteries
and lymphs listening
typing their cells
platelets with their nets
fishing from a crack on a geographic plate

tsk tsk
tsk tsk

these IQ scores are on the low
these quotients that design as a blunt pen on a tic-tac-tow
like giving two cents as the fund
I’m feeling blue

tsk tsk
tsk tsk

parked outside my house
buttons loose to feel rain
on my neck
red welts on my skin on sheet
and I’m thinking of being loved
by some cool
only rain touches
and that is my cool

tsk tsk
tsk tsk

what flowers in the cavity of the  bruise?
the wall, the blemish of the scarred skin we call the “bruise”?

we say “tsk, tsk, such a failure.”
never questioning the digits, the structures
intellect denied, genius captured

in the small soliloquy offered
we painfully follow through… ▬


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