Withered ♠ Mitochondria

Rolling thunderstorm (Cumulonimbus arcus)

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powered up from the mountainous irregularities
ridges and hairpins upon my swerving vines of a network
my cafe is caffeine-like oriented  with other products pulsing through
lavishing on a grey mug-cell and the bees in my hive are revolving into planetary constellations
supernovae and hypernovae  in coordinates ▬ vacillate into ways pendulous to my interests and rampant to my needs ♣ your withered your worn is as mortal as it can be

you are a living plant ▬ a factorial in a cog-sans cog display
and flesh is your partner-lover, your mistress-boyfriend, your lawfully wedded spouse
myself is a paper and a pen
myself is a rock and a bed
myself is a floating ocean and turmoil mislead

we age to sow
and sow to age
we make a bow
to shoot our arrow selves through
concord and discord

I am the blackness of entropy and the blackness of acceleration
I am the white of innocence and the white of  poison
it seems that my brain can have seizures and enlightenment in both colours

calculus is the top hat of idiosyncrasies
calculations is the throne of hierarchy
calculus and calculations may also liberate

the thrones are but parched and thirsty in their escapisms
they can be withered and waned and bloomed and untamed
ideas are always upon a silver lining and a thunder cloud

troposphere and ethersphere are kind of in alignment
because powered and un-powered are combatively in the blood
the cafe can be closed, hibernated and coma-tossed into something fresher
what mountains of personality and hills of personality
each on some hive-cell, each an airborne radical
and I am on the high and low ♣ brain capsule mixed into a glass of spilled up soul. ▬


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