Door ♠ Magnet

A superparamagnetic fluid, otherwise known as ...

Image via Wikipedia

I am a repository of thingies that stick like paint
miracles and gifts in a bundle
I am antiquated like the horse shoe and new like i-Pod

and I am bubble like floating
with fiery little sun-flakes
ordering some cloudy milkshake

like door magnets on a checkered world of minutiae and little dots of crayon
I am the  the workaholic and scramble chaser
drinking coffee and eating the little chocolate

holding a briefcase and a satchel
books and colouring pages

mind filled and mind hopping
like an eagle | like a frog
meshed with paper | stuck like gum
lost in translations | lost in nuances

you glued my hair to the headphones
and like a magnet on the vein I keep and go. ▬


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