I am annoyed

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I am annoyed
I don’t know but I am
and it hurts my brain a lot
hurts me

I am brain fizzled if those are the words proper for this then know that I am upset lock stock and that I do not how to get less enraged and my brain does not stop buzzing with crimes I did not commit hurting aloud all the time like going crazy and hurtful more and you can;’t simply tell it to shut it and I wonder is this me? or, is this me? am I telling myself to shut it but why does it feel its not me and why do I feel so obscure and concrete at the same time and my body is growing stiff but  also moving but I feel washed over and also dry and I am hurting lots and I don’t know why or maybe I do but the point is that it stays

why does it linger I got no idea
and ideas would be nice
strategic, implementive, apocalyptic, constructive
boiled down to solution

so I wish I was not annoyed
not severely angry (avoiding the “p” word)
but I am

and bored too. ▬


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