calmly —

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— as if nonetheless reparations could not cost
as if swirling demons lay in concubine splendours
as if mental notes clicked with satisfaction pauses
and rushes were traffic-lighted with greens, reds, blues(for breathing ease) and yellows upon the fragmented reasons of which one trains in candlelight
twilights, open lights and some boudoirs of little inked phrases of delight

1, 2 and 3s and 4s locked upon chromosomal distinct, distance and delightful
all so nice in the coming of sleep, rest, r & rs and the dream of choice
subtly a little sigh a sign of rest and going away from the far away of things not getting on or hecticity or something that does not do well

or maybe just detox-reloaded
calmly going
calmly arriving
like mice on rice
cats on sparrow
sun-moon on a sky
stars being laid in process . ▬


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