Do you think money can buy happiness?

happiness is a state so if democracy allows us to buy states as pure capitalism then “yes” and I think dorothy would have bought kansas but seriously can it? I think as its a state with significance what makes you happy depends on people — I would be nuetral but most of me likes to stick with “no”


7 thoughts on “Do you think money can buy happiness?

  1. Democracy is a political system. Capitalism is an economic system. You can have capitalism in a totalitarian state, and you can have a democratic state whose economy is based on barter.

    There is no economy in the world that is based on pure capitalism (ie, a pure, unregulated market economy).

      • lol. Interestingly enough, having money does make people happier…but only to a point. Psych studies tend to indicate that there’s a point where having money doesn’t do anything and might even decrease happiness. It also depends on how much money you have relative to other people.

      • well, that’s what I meant also — I said I was neutral and but had more on the “no” because money cannot always get what you want in fact some basic things cannot be bought by money as your response 🙂 which money wanting to manipulate would see no cause for manipulation thus it cannot value the credibility of your response because to the standard procedure our convo is meaningless but it is purposeful in a way money cannot buy.

        I think money’s significance ends more rapidly than most think and if more psychological tests were done and subjects evaluated we can easily see that people at times use money as a substitute for happiness as its easier for them to have it or maintain it as in their loose theory.

        But yeah happiness is a subjective term with objective bases or simple outlines.

    • But there are levels of poverty and many “poor” who are satisfied with their livelihood do not go for more or go for less. Anybody would be happy on pay day but there are levels to that happiness as well — let’s say you are stuck in a job you don’t like but just doing it to earn your bread many of those people would, if given the chance, quit if there are other sources of income less intolerable or if some of their expenses were taken care of in a way. Also, I would be happy on pay day on the basis that I did a job well and was paid well for that,so obviously if I attach this philosophy to money I might not need better pay but want better pay as to make my feelings satiated and then the money becomes more of a derivative to help that pleasure and even that will have limits (what was more or less depends on this principle) and that feeling may at times be satiated with something not money for example another higher level assignment that may involve more risk and the pay may be just a little high or the same but the fact you were offered the challenge makes you feel your skills are being appreciated or to some unique level (skills are also not always bought by money at least the formation of them).

      And yes those who have not been poor may not think of money as a issue but then we see them still unhappy and many a times for valid reasons. Then why if they have so many millions are they not satisfied even if their desires are satiated and they were able to reach their core wants or needs ? It’s obvious that despite having millions there are things that maybe the poor have that they don’t. The homeless have a community that many fine paid workers do not have — they might need to be too formal in the workplace and that makes them feel at times that the interaction of their peers and themselves are always on a precipice of what can be allowed and what can get one into trouble. Also the statement that good friends stick with you through thick and thin can very well be seen for the poor or the struggling than the rich (at least many a times).

      I am not saying money has no importance — it plays a lot of importance but it has its limitations as do other worldly things. We cannot chose one extreme over the other but must try to balance this plank of monetary success and happiness fulfilled with instinct, emotion, logic and lifestyle.

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