Z-Tug Spinning

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could I say I was crazy? Yeah I could — I can think of many ways I am crazy but lets not get too much into eccentric me 😛 well I did a lot of crazy things when I was a young teen. Imagine wearing  a mic-headseat and trying to dub the dialogues (so-called dub the original track was on) with funny or out from nowhere things? Lol not to mention I use to do parody songs — and that time my  classmates just thought I was stupid though I made a four episode audio thingie of weird love affair and the villain was ‘killed’ by stupidity.

Well, fast forward some years out of school and I even had done a ‘foot video’ where I keep on shaking my foot and comparing my toes to lizards 😛 and singing like a narcissistic weirdo. Yeah one of the funniest photos and craziest ones I took I told two of my friends to stick their tongues out and make weird faces with their eyes looking creepy and what came out was what I titled “tongues of hell” LOL Too bad I don’t know where that picture is…

so crazy is another way of stepping out of the typical…at least for me ^_^


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