…I know it’s hard to resist —

It's not pretty and it's not attractive... ..b...

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these callouses made me me
I am turned out like a weathered shoe
clanking, irritating others yet comfortable to me
it’s like extra gravity holding me
a pinch of eccentricity

and it’s like cloud shaped like praying hands
and an island suspended in motion
and two gleams of sun
pointed out like a moonbeam in the day

am I just a dumb specimen
just a dumb specimen
running on a bipedal instruction yet
harbouring erroneous deviance?

I mashed my heart into so many smudges of light and grey matter, darkness and oblivion matter
I’m struggling to breathe
my lungs have been compromised
my heart retarded

in this long lane
in this long room
in this long corridor

I wish I could sleep
past 100, 000 years
past the centuries
past the damaging white noise bad noise

even so I am still a chromosome in a field of dots as such
its nice to scream

and know your echo had other wings.▬


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