madness, madness



fanged taste  of the poison
local saliva; alien habit
a position most what
is defined as paradox
light bending
darkness inverted
like gravity harvested a supernova
and plunged into a chaos black void

what is madness?
a habit, a tic, a hallucination
a radio-tone, cellphone tap, IM-creak
bubbling pots, undercooked meat, 
vegetables starving, cotton thaw
skin on a pullover curtain
clamped mouth with eyes staring
hands pumped and  linked

maybe a mathematical formula or formulas 
can equate different varieties of madness

or maybe a psychographer
will tear the strings of comforts and risks
as much as one willingly can

and say
“There’s a 12 o’clock appointment
on the needles of space.”


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