What is friendship?At times I wonder if friendship

What is friendship?
At times I wonder if friendship is even real. I know historically, in reality, fiction, epics and poetry friendship is ever present. Same pop culture examples that come to mind is Sherlock and Watson and in the Indian subcontinent you have Akbar and Birbal (coincidentally both Watson and Birbal served as advisors too to their cherished friend to and visa versa).

Some friendships turn romantic; be it of whichever sex. We know The Merchant of Venice focuses on the homoerotic and presumably sexual relationship between Antonio and Bassanio which led to the pound of flesh affair. In Oranges are not the only fruit (I’m in no way anti-religious) Jeanette’s love for her friend Melanie is obviously more than just friendship. Then of course you have countless heterosexual depictions such as Sethe’s love with Paul D in Beloved.

These friendships have intimacy and understanding; closeness and comfort, a form of stability maybe even a form of chaos (however, they need not echo the sexual or erotic).

The warm soup, the warm broth, the hormones, the contacts, the bonds are these just a mere illusions?


Unfortunately, I think I never had. or lost friendship.


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