cosetted by lice and vermin of all sorts
the men sit cosily with their petticoats as the women wear straightjackets
somebody wants to say its better to wear a saroong
but that would be culturally ihneffective
the women dressed in chains and lace tell its time for tea
the men love to wear high undercarriages to keep their secrets less exposed
one of them wants to say hey lets get the jackets off and use it to build a fire
but campfires are outdated, obsolete, obscene; why do it if we have a living room
a jaundiced man wearing pants is too happy in pretending that he is different
because his trunks underneath have the same seems of these petticoated dreams
they want to ask did you not get the memo but that would entail communication a non-tea event with our earl greys in place — one of the women is covertly drinking green tea another tulsi but they have their retro upped hair to represent a steady scene, a cosy way to interject erections

finally somebody screams: “I want to  get out.”

but the petticoats make a foot trip; bruising the beauty of the mouth.▬


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